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SIHC Smart Home

What is a Smart home?

The number of connected devices in the world is growing exponentially, with estimates in excess of 30 billion by the year 2020.

It seems whatever we buy these days has 'an App for that'. Then there's all the TVs, HiFi's, heating, security, garage doors and other equipment already in our homes that each require some form of remote handset, keypad, keyfob or control panel.

Wouldn't it be nice if it all just worked together, with one, simple menu screen that allowed you to control everything in your home from wherever you were? Something you could access from an in-wall touchscreen, mobile device, computer, or even on your TV?
SIHC home automation makes all of this possible and much more besides.Why not get in touch and find out how we could make your home smarter today?

We our a big company that build life easier for you. From currently on you dont have to be compelled to management your instrumentation by yourself , simply transfer our application and obtain our project and our installer be intimate for your house. With SIHC you dont have to be compelled to flip your lamps on and off, simply be intimate from way and together with your put in application, otherwise you dont have to be compelled to flip your electricity on or off simply be intimate with our application. you'll be able to install our application without paying any cash for IOS and android. if you would like to download this application at no cost move to application page.We build your home smart in only few clicks.


Using the intelligent system, cameras, security and safety sensors can be centrally locked in a mold, controlled through a touch panel and mobile, and if there are any security or Security, such as burglar entry and gas and water leakage, instantly activates the message in the data phone, siren or pre-designed scenario.


Smart keys are replaced by traditional keys (confusing and large) with deluxe design and very simple operation. In the smart system, lighting control can be done via remote control of the intelligent control system, television, touch panel, mobile phone software, tablet and computer and voice commands. 


This system can centrally stream your favorite music and music from the system's internal memory, to a variety of players such as TVs, digital receivers and wireless networking equipment such as mobile phones, tablets or radios. The user will be able to control the surroundings of the audio source, the desired track and the volume of the audio via smart keys, touch screens, tablet and mobile phones.


For example, by defining a scheduled schedule, the heating and cooling system is switched off half an hour after family members leave, and activated half an hour before family members return home, or by defining scenarios of presence and cooling of a space based on attendance Or the absence of the family turned on and off. Temperature control of all rooms, status of cooling and heating systems are also easily accessible through this system.

Information Security

Enhanced security with two-way encryption

Fast and easy

Completely wireless with one-day installation at every step of the build

Suitable Price

A fraction of the price of similar foreign products, with free installation

High Quality

Long range wireless system, with strong and reliable signal

Automatic timing

Automatically control all electrical functions of the building with timing programs. Using solar calendar and timing according to religious times, the advantage of using Iranian product

Comprehensive central access

In a smart home you can connect to your home from all over the world. View the status of your equipment on and off and turn them on or off

Suitable for the old people

The smart home minimizes the need to move indoors and thus helps greatly improve the quality of life of the elderly and other disadvantaged.

Energy saving

Reduces energy costs by up to 30% by minimizing consumption that does not need to be switched on and moving to off-peak hours.

Easy Installation

Using any of our products is as easy as a plug and play device. We commissioned a project with 280 control points in less than 2 hours!

Easy Control

You can control your lights and devices individually or in groups, or even add more ambiance with lighting scenes. Your traditional wall switches will still work.

Easy Expansion

You can start by a single lamp and add to number of smart devices at your place any time you want, it’s completely expandable. 

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